jasmine dunes stretchy bracelet making kit

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welcome to Jasmine Dunes

Close your eyes & picture a charming, sandy beach, complete with classic white architecture, lapping teal water, & a refreshing beverage. Our Jasmine Dunes kit makes it easy to reach this daydream any time...



Bright white & coconut polymer clay beads, creamy wood rounds, pearlized acrylic ovals, large faceted milk-glass colored crystals, natural magnesite stone rounds, shiny silver hematite, & bit of vintage brass effortlessly combine in endless possibilities. Inspired by the natural beaches of the lowcountry, we collected the creme de la creme of our inventory. With a variety of achromatic tones, textures, & size, we trust you will find Jasmine Dunes just as lovely as we do.



Our kits make a great project for all skill levels, including beginners; all you'll need is a pair of sharp scissors or cutters & some tape. Just like all of our stretchy bracelet kits, Jasmine Dunes is an exceptional value. You'll be able to make approximately 14 bracelets, or maybe more - depending on your wrist size. 



P.S. - you don't have to wear them all at once.


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materials included: this kit got a reboot for the 2022 season, so some items have changed.  

- 1 strand of Premium Copy Paper Polymer Clay

- 1 strand of Coconut Confetti Polymer Clay

- 1 strand of Beige Smooth Wood Rounds

- 1 strand of Pearlized Acrylic Rounds

- 1 strand of White Faceted Chinese Crystal Strand

- 1 strand of Cream Magnesite Rounds

- 1 strand of Silver Hematite Rounds

- 8 10mm Antique Brass Textured Open Rings

- 1 Super New Glue (for knots)

- 1 bundle of .7mm Stretch Magic (5 meters)



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