bracelets are a great place for beginning beaders to start, especially stretchy bracelets. if you're here because you received one of our stretchy bracelet kits, click stretchy bracelets to find more info about our kits & how to use stretch magic. 


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types of bracelets


stretchy bracelets

an overwhelmingly popular choice for jewelry designers of all ages, stretchy bracelets have won our hearts, & are likely to win yours. aside from specific projects featuring stretchy bracelets, we also carry stretchy bracelet kits that include several full strands of beads, usually a few special loose beads, stretch magic, & super new glue - enough materials to make up to 15 bracelets! 


featured: the providence stretchy bracelet making kit


chain bracelets

these bracelets are typically finished by adding jump rings & a clasp of your choice, but segments of chain can also be great additions to bracelets made with beadalon or leather.


soda tab chain bracelet


knotted bracelets

as simple as it sounds - these babies are created by knotting stringing material in between beads. you can use waxed linen, leather cord, or beading silk thread.

waxed linen african glass knotted bracelet



this technique uses non-tarnish wire to create links between individual beads, giving the piece a more chain-like effect. this technique can be done on every single bead in a necklace, or just to accent certain beads.

pearl + chain charm bracelet


beadalon bracelets

just like necklaces made with beadalon, these bracelets will require crimps & a clasp, which can elevate your bracelets for a more elegant look. we carry multiple sizes of beadalon stringing cord, but most often recommend the 0.018 size.





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