packaging + shipping

we are proud to ship our orders out using SealedAir recycled Jiffy Mailers, packaging made out of recyclable heavy-duty kraft paper. we seal our packages with paper tape, which can be recycled as well. we use kraft tissue paper to create our infamous bead burritos, which can be recycled or composted. for larger orders, we use U-Line cardboard boxes, which can be easily reused or recycled, and bubble wrap, which can be recycled at specialty facilities. If you’re shopping in-store, your purchase will be handed to you in a Carolina Retail Packaging bag, which is recyclable and environmentally responsible, as well as some more kraft tissue paper. for more information on our recyclable packaging, click here. the only packaging item that is non-recyclable is our sticker, and you should totally keep it! 

we also ship all orders, when possible, with The United States Postal Service, which we take great pride in.



cheesy as it may be, working at Beads, Inc. makes you a part of a family. working in a small space, with a such a small team of talented, wonderful individuals, makes it impossible not to end up caring deeply for each other. we treat our team as family, because we are family. only two of us are blood related, but we look out for one another and support each other just the same. we are proud to have built an environment where we can trust each other to get the job done. our team takes pride in their work. from creating custom pieces, keeping our store neat and tidy, and providing top-notch customer service, we wouldn't be the bead store you know and love without each and every one of them. 



if you shop exclusively online, you might be unfamiliar with our flagship store's operations. our online store is run out of the top floor of a 100-year-old quadplex in Charlotte, North Carolina, and our in-person retail store takes up the lower level. in our physical store, we have lots and lots of beads, strands, and findings, but we also have quite a bit of jewelry, ready to be purchased and worn. 

this jewelry is all created by our staff, and can be purchased as is, can have adjustments made, or simply can serve as inspiration. in-store, customers can bring in pieces for repair, restringing, or simply with an idea, and we work with them to create a custom piece. if a ready-made piece has been sitting untouched for a few months, we cut it apart and repurpose it. the point is, nothing goes to waste. we are passionate about up-cycling our own pieces, and love when we are able to create, or help our customers create, a custom piece for someone else. 


cost effectiveness

Beads, Inc. began with two teenage girls, just trying to share what they loved. now, we have evolved to not only sell ready made & custom pieces, but all the supplies needed for you to find that very same passion that ignited in our brand. our goal has always been, and will always be, to provide the everyday person with access to the materials needed to create their own jewelry. while we offer a wholesale discount of 25% on all orders over $250, we are proud to offer reasonable prices on all of our products. we also offer several kits, including DIY stretchy bracelet making kits and tool kits, which are sold at a less expensive rate than purchasing each item in the respective kit separately. 

for more info about our wholesale discount, click here