golden hour collection

it's summer now and warm tones are here to stay. hot reds, daring bright colors, and a mixture of vibrant charms to compliment that sun-kissed look. golden hour is our favorite time of day and we can't wait to make a statement with this bold collection.

shop the collection here: golden hour

we've got you covered. a project perfectly paired with this collection. check out the red rock necklace and be on the look out for more warm-tone statements coming this season.

can't get much hotter than this. the golden hour collection is one to jump on to stay up with the trends this summer while also showing off your mad beading skills.




start here:




mask chains



mad skills:

crimping + working with beadalon

stretch magic + stretchy bracelets 



actual projects:

watermelon crush stretchy stackers

polymer stack chain necklace

cocktail rings 


inspo, etc:

mother's day

white hot collection

spring break vibes

lavender feels