red rock necklace

bringing the heat with our new golden hour collection (check it out here). includes daring reds, soft orange hues, and an array of other colors sure to bring the classic golden hour glow. for help with making necklaces, wire-wrapping, and a full material list, scroll below.


once mastered, wire-wrapping/chain-linking is a skill to make all kinds of jewelry. it is a step used to showcase any statement bead, dangle strands from earring wires, creating your own charms, or chain-linking a strand of beads. so versatile and so easy. for more info about this skill click here.



take inspiration from us, but also explore your own golden hour glow. it is a collection featuring a variety of colors that remind us of the best time of day.


products used: 


20mm-30mm Red Jasper Nugget Strand 

14mm Orange Chevron Vintage Glass Tube Beads - 3 Pack

4mm Periwinkle AB Faceted Chinese Crystal Rounds Strand

25mm Smooth Plated Copper Basket Rounds

15mm Persimmon Fruit Loops Sandcast African Glass Rondelle Strand

6mm Persian Red Chinese Crystal Rondelle Strand

Non-Tarnish Gold Wire

12mm Shiny Gold Lobster Claw Clasp - 4 Pack





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mad skills:

how to wire-wrap


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mother's day

the denim collection

white hot collection

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