Jewelry Making Tutorial: Tiny Pastel + Pewter Shortie Necklace Duo

Is there anything better than a set of stacked shortie necklaces? We don't really think so... unless there's a possibility for layering additional necklaces. You know how we are. just trying to make the best neck mess possible. 

These necklaces were inspired by the onset of spring, our Lavender Feels collection, & some of our newest inventory, which just happens to be small faceted crystal strands in some truly stunning colors. 

We combined small crystal rondelles with a bit of peachy polymer, our smallest gold hematite rounds, & pewter beads. Both the butterflies & the crosses add delicate detail that helps balance out the bright color-blocked beads.

These necklaces could of course be worn individually, or added to for a more noticeable affect. These were strung with no real plan, but were done simultaneously. Because they are asymmetrical pieces, doubling up the necklaces allows for more beads to be shown.

The only skills you need for this type of necklace is the ability to crimp on beadalon wire! If you're not familiar, we'd love to help you out - click here for an in-depth crimping tutorial.



What Do I Need To Make My Own Tiny Pastel + Pewter Shortie Necklace?



For an in-depth look at crimping on Beadalon wire, check out the full length tutorial below: 



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