rainbow roller bead stretchy bracelet stack

have you seen these roller beads? it's total campy deja-vu, but grown up. we're selling them in packs of 48, featuring 16 different colors, each as lovely as the next. stretchy bracelets are an obvious choice if you ask us, and of course we had to throw some hematite in there. 



for this stack, we just strung two of each color roller bead on stretch magic + tied off as usual, and then randomly selected a color, strung it, and strung one hematite bead between each roller bead. totally simple, totally stunning. for help with tying off your stretchy bracelets, click here.



style as you please! 



 products used:

8mm multicolor glass roller beads

4mm shiny gold hematite rounds

1mm stretch magic

designer wire cutters





start here:



mad skills:

stretch magic + stretchy bracelet making


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