global bazaar bracelets

inspired largely by the marigold + mango strands in the Global Bazaar collection, this stretchy stack features warm yellows, creams, and a touch of dark blue, combined with the muted tones of mixed sandcast african glass. we threw in a bit of gold hematite, and a few bronze brass beads, plus a mother of pearl circle, just for good measure. below, you'll find a full material list of every product used in these bracelets. for a full-length stretchy bracelet tie-off tutorial, click here, or the image below. keep scrolling for links to all of the global bazaar projects! for the powder glass beads, stone, and 8mm crystal, we strung the bracelets with 1mm stretch magic. for the 4mm crystal, hematite, and polymer, we went with .7mm + .5mm stretch magic.

as always, these bracelets are meant for your inspiration! you are welcome to model your own set after what we have made, or simply create within the same palette. if you do make your own version, we'd love to see! tag us on instagram @beadsinccharlotte. happy beading!



materials used:

4mm Sweet Corn Glass Rounds Strand

8mm Multicolor Glass Roller Bead Pack

4mm Gold Hematite Rounds Strand

6mm White Magnesite Rondelles Strand

4mm Mango Polymer Clay Strand

3-7mm Multicolor Powder Cast African Glass Strand

8mm Limoncello Lined Translucent Faceted Chinese Crystal Rondelle Strand

15mm Mother of Pearl Circles

6mm Gold Hematite Rounds Strand

8mm Marigold Faceted Chinese Crystal Rondelle Strand

6mm Hammered Brass Bronze Ring Pack