mint chip stretchy bracelet stack

have you been looking for a way to add flair to your stretchy bracelets? look no further. by layering decorative rings around or on top of your strung beads, you can add texture, movement, and tons of interest to even the simplest of bracelets. to create this set, we selected a few large beads that would block the decorative rings from being able to move across the entire bracelet. we chose to do this in order to be able to keep a more even look. for the rings we chose, 10mm Brushed Gold Barrels were a perfect match. we then strung our bracelets, stringing the rings on top of 8mm polymer segments, in between the 10mm Brushed Gold Barrels. we finished the bracelets as is standard. 

for an up-close look at how to string decorative rings over your beads, check out the video below.
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for help with stretchy bracelets in general, click the image below.


products used:

1mm Stretch Magic Stretchy Stringing Cord

8mm Domino Polymer Clay Strand

8mm Half Moon Blue Polymer Clay Strand

10mm Brushed Gold Barrel Strand

12mm Iridescent Clear Faceted Chinese Crystal Strand Rounds

12mm Smooth Aqua Recycled African Glass Strand

12mm Gold Twist Soldered Ring Pack

Designer Wire Cutters



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