Jewelery Making Tutorial: Magnesite Flower + Mixed Metals Wire-Wrapped Necklace

white hot! in the midst of our spring-time neons & pastels we felt it appropriate to have a collection of our lightest, brightest white strands. 

the carved flower magnesite beads were a natural stand out, I mean come on, they're gorgeous! pairing them with gold wire & silver beads with a quatrefoil design helped to keep the carved magnesite beads the star of the show but complement them ever so nicely.


to create this necklace, all you need are the supplies listed below & the ability to wire-wrap! if you are unfamiliar or need a refresher - have no fear, we are here to help. check out our step-by-step guide to wire-wrapping here.


continue linking your beads to one another until you have your desired length. ours is approximately 25 inches, plus a clasp & jump ring. 25" will most likely fit over your head, meaning you don't NEED a clasp, but we included one just for looks. you can always continue your wire-wrapping to make a longer necklace if you please.



matching bracelet: Magnesite Flower + Polymer Stretchy Bracelet


What Do I Need To Make My Own Magnesite Flower + Mixed Metal Necklace ?


one strand of 20mm White Carved Magnesite Flower Beads

one pack of 12mm Silver Brass Saucer Bead

one spool of 24 Gauge Gold Non-Tarnish Wire

one pack of 6mm Shiny Gold Open Jump Rings

one pack of 12mm Shiny Gold Lobster Claw Clasp

one pair of Designer Wire Cutters

one pair of Designer Round-Nose Pliers 


For a more in-depth tutorial on wire wrapping, check out  the full length tutorial below:

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