Jewelry Making Tutorial: The Hostess Chunky Gold Charm Bracelet

With sophisticated brushed gold chain, tons of charms, and the ability to become a funky necklace, the Hostess Bracelet is a must-make for the holiday season. 



  • Gold Chain
  • Headpins
  • Craft Wire
  • Beads and/or Charms
  • Flat Nose Plier
  • Round Nose Plier
  • Wire Cutter




First, you'll want to get the needed tools and supplies to create these earrings. We used 7.5 inches of Brushed Gold Cable Chain, approximately 27 jump rings in various sizes and finishes, 15 charms or beads we wire-wrapped to become charms, four 2" 20G Brushed Gold Headpins, 2 6mm Brushed Brass Heishi Discs, twelve 24G Gold Plated Headpins, one 12mm Brushed Gold Lobster Claw Clasp, and 22G Non-Tarnish Gold Wire. For a full list of linked supplies, keep scrolling! For tools, we used a Flat Nose Plier, a Round Nose Plier, and our Designer Wire Cutters. 




Not all of the charms we use for this bracelet are sold as charms; almost half are sold as beads, and we used headpins and wire to create charms out of them! For the 15mm Handmade Brass Bicone, 14mm large Hole Baroque Pearl, 14mm Faceted White Mother of Pearl Quatrefoil, and the 15mm Bullseye Bone Rondelle, we used headpins and created a loop to attach to the bracelet.

Follow along with step-by-step pictures below of creating a charm out of a bead with a headpin. 

First, check to see if the hole in the bead is small enough to keep it secure on your headpin, or if you'll need an additional small-holed bead to sit below your headpin. If this is the case, like with the 15mm Bone Rondelle bead, and you don't want to add much more height or take away from the bead you are creating a charm with, we recommend using a heishi bead like our 6mm Brushed Brass Heishi beads. 

The Mother of Pearl Quatrefoil did not require this treatment, so we strung it directly on a headpin (see above). Once the bead has rested down at the "head" part of the headpin, use your round nose pliers to hold the headpin a few millimeters above the bead's top. This doesn't need to be an exact measurement, just think of it as giving the bead some breathing room. 

With the headpin in a vertical position, push the tail of the headpin away from you and over the pliers. Next, push/pull the tail of the headpin back towards you. This creates you initial loop! 

Still holding the headpin with the pliers, use your other hand to bend the tail of the headpin around the "front" of the headpin, but this time in a horizontal direction instead of a vertical one. Push it away from you, and back to you. You've created the first "wrap" of your wire-wrap! 



Repeat this one or two more times, until you've filled up the breathing room left between the loop on your headpin and your bead. 

Next, gently pull the bead and connected headpin off of your pliers and snip the e excess. 




For maximum effect, we'll be using two jump rings to attach our handmade charm to chain. This allows our dangling charms to move freely, adding more sparkle and shine to the design. Depending on the bead/charm, this can also help your design sit flat while being worn. 

We placed a charm approximately every other link of chain, with some extra chain at the end without the clasp. This way, the bracelet has an even spread of accessories, and the excess chain creates an adjustable fit.



Simply open your jump rings by holding both a pair of flat and round nose pliers on opposing sides of the opening of the jump ring. Pro Tip: make sure you have open jump rings, not soldered ones! 

Twist the jump ring in opposite directions, but do not pull the ends apart from each other, mis-shaping the jump ring. Opening it this way will cause more stress at the base of the ring, and could cause a weaker link or possibly breakage.

Next, "loop" the jump ring around the charm you wish to attach it to, and the next piece you are attaching. We looped our first jump ring around the Mother of Pearl 

To close the jump ring, twist the ends of the ring back together the way you twisted them apart originally. Try your best to have them meet up exactly - this way the jump ring can be fully secured. It also looks the nice and neatest when it is fully closed.


Before closing the loop, slide the Twisted Jump Ring into the loop.


Next, use your Round Nose Pliers to hold the entire loop. Use the hand that is not holding the pliers to hold the remaining end of wire and the roller beads on the headpin. Keeping a firm grasp on the pliers, use the hand holding the bulk of the earring to twist. Make two to three twists with the headpin, around itself, and you will have a completed loop. Snip the excess, and you're ready for the next step!




Once you've practiced making a charm out of a loose bead, try making one out of our Interlocking C Beads. These beads can be strung or hung in many ways, on account of their many holes. For this project, we'll use craft wire to turn them into charms, very similarly to how we turned the quatrefoil into a charm. 

Start with about a foot of Non-Tarnish Craft Wire, 22G Gold. Make a soft crease in the middle of your wire segment and fold the wire onto itself. String either end of the wire through the two most centered, rectangular, holes at the bottom of your Interlocking C.



Push and or pull both ends of the wire up through the Cs, so that it emerges from the same holes at the top of the bead. Then, pull the wire so that it is no longer noticeable at the bottom of the Cs. 

You may see the wire through the center space of the Cs. If this bothers you, simply use the outside of your Flat Nose Pliers to push the wire into the shape of the bead. This is accomplished by putting your closed pliers into the center of the bead, and opening them at different angles to push the wire into the bead.



Twist the wires at the top of the bead around each other 2-3 times, creating about as much "breathing room" as you did when you applied your pliers to your headpin to create a loop. We're going to do that again with this bead. The twist helps to keep the wires secure, since we're using two wires.



Use your Round Nose Pliers to hold the wires at the top end of your twist, just before the wires begin going their separate directions. Using the same technique as we did with the headpin, wrap the two wire tails away, around, and under your Round Nose Pliers. Next, bend the wire tails around the previously twisted wire. Make 2-3 loops around the twist, and then gently pull the loop and bead off of your pliers.





Using your now-practiced jump ring skills, open a jump ring and attach your new  Interlocking C Charm to your bracelet.




Get your ear wire, we're using simple French Earring Hooks, and gently pry open the small, unsoldered, "bail" at the base of the ear hook with your Round Nose Pliers. Open up this area, similar to jump rings, just enough to get the twisted ring into place. Slide the twisted ring on, and then use the very end of your Round Nose Pliers to close the opening and secure your ear wire and earring.




Repeat the wire-wrapping and jump ring process for all of your charms, and you're done. You can add more charms, or use less, or recreate this design exactly. To wear it as a necklace, simply attach two hostess bracelets together! Or add in some extra chain. Whether you rock it as a charm bracelet or a charm necklace, we'd love to see what you make. Feel free to share with us on Instagram, @beadsinccharlotte.




8mm Brushed Gold Cable Chain 

15mm Brushed Gold Lobster Clasp

2" 24G Gold Plated Headpin Pack

Round Nose Plier

Designer Wire Cutter

Grecian Coin Charm

14mm White Quatrefoil Beads

15mm Star + Sun Ray Charm

19mm Brushed Gold Interlocking C Bead

12mm Bright Gold Interlocking C Bead

Black Enamel Evil Eye Charm

Long Lash Evil Eye

White Enamel Lucky Charm

Gold Pewter Crystal Heart Charm

Gold Pave Star + Moon Charm

White Large Hole Baroque Pearls

Clear Round Crystal Bezel Charm 

Bullsye Bone Rondelle Beads

Gold Brass Bacon Beads


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