watermelon crush stretchy stackers

these watermelon-colored stretchy stackers were inspired by our latest, the watermelon crush collection. sweet, bubbly pinks, paired with a complementary chartreuse, some teal, and a touch of b&w charm. for help with tying off stretchy bracelets + a full material list, keep scrolling...


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we've been sharing our stretchy bracelet wisdom for years now, so take it from us. stretch magic + super new glue with multiple knots is the only way to make these puppies strong and long lasting. for an in-depth tutorial, visit our mad skills page here. once you know how to tie these off, the possibilities are endless.... 


click here, or the image below, for a tutorial on how to tie off your handmade stretchy bracelets securely.



as always, you're more than welcome to use this stack as a source of inspiration, a starting place, or as a step-by-step guide. to achieve this exact stack, string the materials listed below on your stretch magic as shown in our mad skills tutorials.  


products used:

8mm domino polymer clay heishi strand

8mm watermelon faceted chinese crystal strand

8mm bubblegum polymer clay strand

18mm tibetan brass faux turquoise detailed ladybug round beads

10mm chartreuse faceted dyed jade rounds strand

1mm stretch magic

designer wire cutters

super new glue