rosewater waxed linen necklaces

soft & sweet, elegantly effortless, and easily adjusted. this stack features light, warm-toned african glass, polymer, and brass, strung on waxed linen. if you've never worked with waxed linen before, don't worry - it's a very user friendly material. we used 1mm thick waxed linen in our 'neutral' shade, but we sell several different colors and two different sizes. see our waxed linen selections here: shop waxed linen. to finish off waxed linen necklaces, all you need to do is tie the two ends of the necklace together, knot them, and apply a drop of super new glue. for these necklaces, we created knots to hold the beads in place, but you could either add more knots to get a truly knotted look, or not use any knots in the design to allow the beads to have more movement. 


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materials used:

1mm natural waxed linen

14mm opaque rose smooth recycled african glass rondelle strand

12mm pink crepe recycled african glass strand

15mm mother of pearl circles - 4 pack

6mm hammered bronze spacer ring - 10 pack

8mm cotton candy polymer clay strand 

8mm cherry creme polymer clay strand

6mm peony polymer clay strand 

super new glue - 2 pack