interchangeable charm necklace

we like to change our charms as often as we change our outfits. by adding an eye-catching clasp to the front of your chain necklace, it gives you the freedom to mix and match your charms. pick a few of your faves and change away!   



we started by cutting our chain to the desired length, this necklace in 1.5 feet or 18 inches. they we used pliers to attach the clasp with open jump rings. you may want or need to attach more jump rings to the charms so that they hang at different lengths, or orient themselves the correct way. this would be a great project to incorporate some vintage charms, or make your own charms out of beads.  

click here for an in depth jump ring tutorial


products used:

10mm Shiny Gold Chain, we used 1.5 feet

Gold Pavé Lobster Clasp

42mm Pavé Lightning + Rainbow Charm

Shiny Gold Charm Enhancer Ring

Shiny Gold Open Jump Rings, we used the 8mm 

12mm Heavy Duty Open Jump Rings

9mm 2020 Commemorative Charm


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