Jewelry making tutorial: How to Make Geometric Statement Earrings

Have you ever wondered how to make geometric statement earrings? Today, I will show you how in my free jewelry making tutorial! Watch this video to see exactly how it’s done and read our step-by-step instructions for how to make these geometric earrings below.

Today, we are making super easy earrings with a geometric flair using four simple components with some of my favorite new pieces on the site.

Supplies List: 

Here's what you'll need to make these geometric earrings:


We are using a 3-inch long head pin, which is like a 24 gauge, so they are going to be a little bit easier to work with, especially if you’re a beginner. These brushed gold half-circle beads are a perennial favorite for necklaces and earrings alike. We are going to use some of our newer inventory, too. We are also working with these horn and abalone coins as well as these adorable heart shaped mother-of-pearl pieces. We also have these mother of pearl beads in rounds, but I love the hearts. They are the perfect pieces to transition you into spring.

Watch the video tutorial: 


Variation 1: Horn and Abalone Inlay Coin Statement Earrings

Step 1:

step one: use a seed bead to improve a headpin

Let’s start with our headpin. I've added just a little gold seed bead to the bottom of this headpin. This is a little hack that we use commonly around the store. It's going to beef up the bottom of that head pin and make it so that our bead can't fall over that head. Sometimes if we have a larger holed bead, it really helps that bead not slide off of the headpin. Then slide on your first bead. In this case, it's our horn and abalone coin.


Step 2:

step two: add the first geometric bead

Next, I'm going to use my round nose pliers hold this head pin slightly above the top of that bead. With a little bit of breathing room, wrap this headpin down and around my round nose pliers coming up under those pliers, so you’ve created a 90 degree angle.


We want a nice clean ninety degree angle here. Then we're going to remove it from our round nose pliers.


Step 3:

step three: add the half circle geometric bead

Next I’m going to pick up my brushed gold half circle and link the headpin through, so it's interlocking. You can kind of see this statement earring start to take shape now.


Step 4:

step four: twist to interlock the two beads

I'm going to hold my round nose pliers across that loop that I've created just to keep the shape while I twist. I'm going to twist, twist, twist. While you are twisting the wire, make sure you are really watching where that coil is formed to keep everything in line.

Next, I’m going to set down my round nose pliers and now I'm just going to use my wire cutters give a nice close cut to snip off my excess.


Step 5:

how to add the earring wire

Then I'm going to use a goldfill French wire as my earring wire on these. I like using these because they are so simple to open and close. I'm just going to use my round nose pliers to gently uncurl that little loop at the bottom and slide my design all the way through the curl. Then just coil the end back into place and we are finished with one earring.


Variation 2 - Mother-of-Pearl Heart Statement Earrings

second variation geometric heart mother of pearl earrings

Let’s talk about how to make another variation of these statement geometric earrings. An easy way to make a different geometric design is to turn that half circle the other way. That gives us another really cool look. I’m going to pair that with these pretty mother-of-pearl heart shaped beads to create a fun statement look.


To do that we are going to follow the same steps outlined in the tutorial above. Let’s go through it again. I'm gonna take that same style head pin with the little gold seed bead on the bottom use my round nose pliers hold this slightly above the top of that bead with a little bit of breathing room.  Wrap the headpin down and around my round nose pliers. After this step, I have this loop at the top and then this little arm sticking out at a 90-degree angle. I’ll link that arm through the brushed half-gold circle.


Not only are these adorable hearts mother-of-pearl, they are actually from a nautilus shell so that's where you get that really pretty swirl of color.


Technique Tip: When you’re interlocking sometimes turning the piece of jewelry you’re working with  upside down. That way, gravity holds your end bead that may be loose since it’s on the end in place, so it doesn’t get in the way while you twist. 


For this variation, we are going to use a lever back earring wire on this one.  We're just gonna gently rotate that lever back open to the side, link it through our gold piece. Then we're just going to close the earring wire back up and we are done!


So you can see how much fun it is to create these different variations of these easy geometric statement earrings.


 Make and Share!

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These statement earrings are a perfect transition piece for spring. The gold color adds a touch of brightness and shine, while the mother-of-pearl hearts are a nod to the sweetness of the season. They really are easy to make. As you can see, I’ve made these two pairs in five minutes.


Thank you so much for watching my DIY statement geometric earring tutorial!


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