charm life

brilliant baubles. our spring charm collection offers a comprehensive selection with universal appeal.  the selection includes nature, metropolitan, talisman, shiny, distressed, quirky and whimsical trinkets.  


our favorite way to put the perfect collection of charms to use is to create a set of necklaces, which can be related or randomized, and live up the maximalist trend that spring is bringing in. to create your own neckmess, simply combine pre-existing necklaces of varying lengths, or create your own necklaces - we have everything you need to do so! in order to truly reach the neckmess status, all you really need are dangling bits, which can be pendants, charms, or beads that have been strung as charms. check out all of our projects under the learn tab right here on, or check out our social media @/beadsinccharlotte to find inspiration for your neckmess.


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projects featuring products from this collection:

gray wood charm necklace

interchangeable charm necklace


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