how to use 6mm deerskin lace around the back of a necklace

finishing a necklace with deer skin makes the necklace more lightweight and comfortable. especially if the front of the necklace is especially heavy. the leather also adds another texture to your designs.

the deer skin will attach to two matching 12mm heavy duty jump rings.  use two pliers to ensure that the jump rings are as closed as you can get them.  cut around 1 foot off of your deer skin segment.  fold the longer section in half, ensuring that the deer skin does not twist on you.  thread the folded part of the deer skin into the 12mm heavy duty jump ring.  once you have about 1.5" of the fold through the ring, thread the tails of the deer skin through the fold in the same piece.  pull the ends all the way through, making sure that the lace stays flat and does not twist.  figure out how long you want your leather to be, ours is 17" long.  

thread the two ends of the lace through the other 12mm heavy duty jump ring, and tie an overhand knot around the ring.  cut the ends to your desired length, ours are about 4".  use the extra foot from the beginning, fold it in half, and thread through the first jumping, that already has the fold on it.  bring the tails through the fold, making sure that the ends stay flat and do not twist.  then cut your ends to the same as the other side.  

attach your beaded section to the 12mm heavy duty jump rings using French wire and attaching with crimps.  


materials you will need for this technique:

Deerskin, we used cream

Heavy Duty 12mm Jump Rings, we used brushed gold

Large Conch Shell Mala Beads

Wicker 15mm Wood Rondelles, other colors available

19mm Gold Brass Saucer

8mm Silver Wood Rondelles