All About Wood Beads: Find the Shape, Size, and Color You Need

Wood beads are a great staple for any jewelry designer. From basic beige and gold to robin's egg blue and pink, we have wood strands in a variety of color, shape, and size. Keep reading for a guide to selecting. the right size and color for your next project! 


a guide to size:

We offer wood bead strands ranging from 6mm to 20mm. This includes all of our round wood beads, as well as two sizes of rondelles, one size of triangular wood beads, and one size of spike wood beads. The piece you want to  create and the style you want to capture will ultimately be what determines the wood bead size you need. Check out this chart comparing 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 16mm, and 20mm Beige Wood Rounds + 8mm Beige Wood Rondelles to a penny. 



For reference, see images below of wood beads used in different projects with their sizes labeled.




a guide to shape:

We offer four basic shapes of wood strands, and a small selection of faceted loose wood beads. The standard shapes are wood rounds, wood rondelles, triangular wood beads, and wood spikes. The image below shows the three non-round shapes compared to one another in the available sizes. 


a guide to color:

We offer over 20 colors of wood beads! Not every color is available in every size and strand, and this may change over time, but see the color guide below for picking your warm colors, cool colors, neutrals, and metallics.