Craft Store Challenge: One-of-a-Kind Creations

I love browsing craft stores like Michaels and Hobby Lobby for art supplies and other things, and while there, I like to stroll through the bead section just to see what else is out there.

Over the years, I started picking up some jewelry components on my trips to craft stores and wanted to challenge myself to come up with some really unique beautiful pieces using Beads, Inc. inventory, including stones, leather, sterling and gold-filled findings, pavé pieces, and more, mixed with some goodies I’ve picked up at local craft stores.

Take a look at what I created (and learned) during my first Craft Store Challenge!

Beauty is beauty—no matter where it comes from.

I don’t discriminate when something is beautiful, no matter where it comes from. And I don’t mind when my customers want to mix high with low either. In fact, I’m a big fan of high low shopping in all aspects of life.


I picked out charms from both Michaels and Hobby Lobby for this challenge. I collected an assortment of pieces I thought were rich-looking, unique, beautiful, or trendy from these craft stores, not knowing what I would do with them, but just added them to a pile.

I had to really “challenge” myself to create pieces that still reflected my brand’s style, mixing the charms with Beads from my store. But the final pieces made the challenge worth it!

And the finished products look like…

When deciding on what elements to pull from Beads Inc for my necklaces, there were a few things I knew for sure. First, at least one of my necklaces needed to have real stones. I love the neutrality of moonstone, so I decided to pair that with a metal pendant from Hobby Lobby. I added some more stones and pave Turkish rounds ($30 each!) from a trunk show currently going on at the store.

For my next necklace, I used a red charm from Hobby Lobby and combined it with diamond accents, which were hand-linked with black sterling wire. The back of the necklace has sterling, gold filled, and CZ chain, adding more elegance.

For my final necklace, I used one of my favorite charms from Beads Inc: mother of pearl quatrefoils. This necklace really shows how high-low elements combined make a truly one-of-a-kind creation.

High-low shopping goes beyond beading.

I don’t just apply high-low shopping to my beading. I also apply it when it comes to my home and wardrobe.

For instance, in my own home, I’ve mixed a French antique buffet and long-coveted oil painting with accessories from HomeGoods and garage sale finds.

I also have high-low outfits, like mixing a designer “it-bag” with a dress from Target or pairing Tory Burch silk separates with a $10 clutch from TJ maxx.

Never let brands stifle your creativity.

When it comes to creating your style, you can’t be one-brand specific. Quality is key, but mixing in lower-cost beads, accessories, etc., can help you not break the bank while still giving you that accomplished feeling when you put together a necklace, outfit, or room.