The Drew Necklace Making Kit

  • $32.51

Trend-setting recycled African glass and hand-carved bone beads star in this subtly stunning necklace kit. Olive green sandcast rondelles, creamy white wood and detailed bone, curated and carved brown bone, along with best-selling aqua recycled glass and gold wood rondelles mix to create the most gorgeous combination of materials. 

We used the given materials for two necklaces, but the possibilities are endless. Design your own necklaces to create your perfect look. This tried and true set is sure to please however you choose to string your necklaces. 

Just like our stretchy bracelet kits, no special tools are required, but sharp scissors are helpful. For some step by step pictures of knotting waxed linen, visit our learn page here.


What's Included: 

- 24 15mm Olive Fruit Loop Sandcast African Glass Rondelles

- 14 14mm Bullseye Bone Rondelles

- 8 14mm Brown with White Stripe Bone Rondelles

- 8 16mm White Wood Rounds

- 6 10mm White Wood Rounds

- 6 15mm Gold Wood Rondelles

- 6 15mm Translucent Aqua Recycled African Glass Beads

- 2 22mm Brown Bone Rondelles

- 2 2mm Carved Brown Bone Rondelles

- 2 14mm Amber Fleck Recycled African Glass Beads

- 20' 1mm Natural Waxed Linen