Modesto Stretchy Bracelet Making Kit

  • $46.99

We are excited to welcome the Modesto Stretchy Bracelet Making Kit. If this kit looks a bit familiar, it is because Modesto began as a new version of the Daydreamer kit. This kit is bold, daring, & adventurous. It’s funky, fun-loving, & full of life.

As always, the kit includes everything needed to make approximately 14+ stretchy bracelets, all you need is a pair of scissors (tape is helpful). 

Materials Included: 

- 1 strand of 10mm White Magnesite Rounds

- 1 strand of 10mm Teal Polymer

- 1 strand of 8mm Silver Hematite Rounds

- 1 strand of 12m Gray Wood Rounds

- 1 strand of 6mm Persian Red Faceted Chinese Crystal

- 1 strand of 8mm Bronze Faceted Hematite Rounds

- 5 approximately 15x20mm Tibetan Beads (vary in color, size & shape)

- 2 approximately 20mm Polka Dot Bone Beads (vary slightly in size & shape)

- 10 15mm Gold Wood Rondelle Beads

- 1 1mm Stretch Magic Package

- 1 Super New Glue