Sea Salt Necklace Kit

  • $29.90

The colors of cerulean waters play upon the richness and textures of sand and sea. Matte Amazonite stones, faceted crystal and an unexpected pave' accent will take you somewhere magical- this is a great project if you are looking to become well versed in chain linking and wire wrapping. Step-by step directions included.

What's Included:

-1 15" Strand 10mm Matte Amazonite Stones 

-1 10" Strand 8mm faceted diamond smoke crystal beads

-1 15 yard spool 20 gauge gold Non-tarnish wire

-1 Cubic Zirconia pave' bead

- 8 x 5" full color Step-by-step instructional skill card


What you'll need:

-Round-nosed pliers

-Wire cutters

-Bead mat or bead tray (optional)