Montauk Necklace Duo Kit

  • $20.48

Looking for that perfect layering piece or a simple chain for casual days? Look no further than the simple-yet-stylish gold and silver necklaces in the Montauk Duo Kit. These are super easy to make and give to friends or keep for yourself! Just have fun with them!

What's Included:

-16" brushed gold round chain

-16" brushed gunmetal chain

-6" gold bead-stringing wire

-6" steel bead-stringing wire

-2 gold-filled crimp tubes

-2 sterling crimp tubes

-2 brushed gold open jump rings

-2 brushed gunmetal open jump rings

-1 brushed gold lobster claw

-1 brushed gunmetal lobster claw

-7 faceted hematite beads

-5 matte hematite star beads


What You'll Need:

-Wire cutters

-Chain nosed pliers (2 pairs) or crimping pliers