turn any bead into a charm - step by step with pictures


stack your beads, or series of beads on your chosen headpins. 

use a round nose plier to hold the headpin about 4mm above the stack of beads with your non-dominant hand.

with your dominant hand, wrap the headpin away from you and back towards you under the the plier. it does not matter if you go to the right or left of the beads.  

grasp the headpin tail with your dominant hand, and wrap around the headpin, making sure to wrap it into a coil down the wire. 

once you have your desired wraps, use your wire cutter to snip the tail as close as the coil as you can get.

now this piece is ready to be made into an earring, a charm on a bracelet or a pendant on a necklace.


make a multi-strand chain charm necklace

materials needed in this technique:

Designer Wire Cutter

Round Nose Plier

Headpins, size and material of your choice, we used the 20 gauge brushed gold

Purple Composite Rectangles

Brushed Brass Heishi Beads

Gold Navajo Rondelles

Optional Supplies

Simple French Earring Hook

Brushed Gold Open Jump Rings

Brushed Rolo Chain 2.5mm size




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