how to create a multi-strand chain charm necklace

make any charm into a bead (shows how-to for the charms seen here)

gather all of your handmade charms & three 15" lengths of 2.5mm brushed gold rolo chain. 15" is a pretty short necklace, so choose a longer length if that is your desired outcome. be sure to cut each of the three chain lengths approximately the same size. 

open up your heavy duty jump rings with a pair of flat nose pliers and a crimper by pulling each end of the jump ring in opposite directions (think North to South, not East to West). add your charm onto the jump ring and close the ring the same way you opened it. repeat for all charms that you plan to add to your necklace. 

cut two 3" segments of 22g non-tarnish gold wire. use one of the segments to make a loop about an inch away from one of the ends of the wire. thread the very last link on each of the three chains through this loop. use a pair of round nose pliers to twist the loop in your dominant hand, and hold the longer tail of the wire with your non-dominant hand. snip the shorter tail once you can see three twists on the wire. 

add a 4mm gold hematite bead onto the remaining wire tail & slide it down to the twists. next, repeat the loop & twist to secure your clasp. 

repeat on the other end of the chain with a heavy duty jump ring. 

add your charms onto your chain in any desired order. they do not need to be secured, and can be changed out at any time! 

materials needed in this technique:

Designer Wire Cutter

Round Nose Plier

Flat Nose Plier

12mm Heavy Duty Brushed Gold Open Jump Rings

Brushed Rolo Chain 

Non-tarnish Gold Wire

Brushed Gold Swivel Clasp

Gold Hematite

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