basic supplies

no matter your skill level, these are our must-haves. 



designer wire cutter - we really like this style of cutter. we have been selling it for the past 8+ years!

crimping plier - this is a standard size crimping plier & it's the only size that we carry.

flat nose plier - these have a skinny enough tip for precision work but are durable for heavy duty projects. the ergo zebra grip offers extra padding and comfort

round nose plier - the size of the nose on this plier offers a variety of sizes for your loop making. the ergo zebra grip offers extra padding and comfort 

knotting tool - although not a must have, it comes in awfully handy when you want to try your hand at silk knotting.  


stringing materials:

beadalon bright stringing wire - our two favorite sizes are 0.018, and 0.015 diameters.  we offer these in both 30ft and 100ft spools.  we also offer 0.012 and 0.021 in 30ft spools.  

clear stretch magic - our favorite size is 1mm, but we also use 0.7mm when necessary.  

knotting silk - this comes 2 meters on a card, choose the size based on the size of the holes in your beads.

waxed linen - great for hand-knotting larger beads, pearls, & stones, we offer 1mm & 0.5mm linen in a variety of colors. 



super new glue - a must have for stretchy bracelets. we also use this for leather straps & silk knotting. we use this mostly for soft materials.

E6000 - this silicone based glue is great for gluing things together, like post earrings backs, or glueing vintage pieces to stones.  this glue dries clear, and can be peeled off if you get it somewhere that it does not belong.  we use this mostly for hard materials.  



crimps - we use 2mm crimp tubes for just about everything. we usually just flat crimp, we do not recommend fold crimping until you have mastered flat crimping.  

open jump rings - we use these to attach charms and clasps to chains.  

closed jump rings - these are the only rings that you want to crimp to.  if you crimp to open rings, your jewelry will come apart.  we also like to wire wrap headpins and wire to these.  

non-tarnish wire - this wire is our go to, our favorite size is 22 gauge, but each size has a place in your jewelry repertoire. 

lobster claw clasps - we sell a variety of sizes and finishes, our 15mm size is the most versatile. 


if you don't have any of these products, & want to invest in all of them, check out our Essential Jewelry Designer's Tool Kit - a $150+ value for under $100. 



for step-by-step instruction to learn basic skills like wire-wrapping or tying off stretchy bracelets, visit our how-to tab. 

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